For a seamless future

Presenting a product for your society

  • 3X Business in 2 financial years
  • 2/3 Banking hours savings for your society
  • Society branding with each and every customer household through Debit Cards and Phone App
  • Get 10x increase of Trust in customer mindset!

Benefit to customer

Society customer enjoys new generation banking

Debit Card (Just-in-time prepaid card)

  • Just-in-time prepaid debit card, no wallet loading.
  • Complete control of money by the Society.
  • No need of setting limits or wallet money with sponsor bank.
  • Only float mone required.

Society Branded Card

  • Debit card is stored in customer's purse/holder with society logo
  • Customer can identify the brand by showing society debit card to friends / family.
  • 24x7 money withdrawal through any bank ATMs

Insurance for debit card holder

  • Free accidental insurance free worth 1,00,000 to all card holders.
  • Cash less medical insurance worth 1,00,000/- on payment of nominal monthly amount.
  • Your Society becomes the First society to operate cashless insurance in the Region.
  • Society can onboard nearby good hospitals for insurance and add value to Society customes.
  • Increase customer traction for your Society and for the Hospital.
  • CSR activity by society in giving Cashless insurance to all its members across rural areas.

Mobile App

  • Customer can check balance - money feel safe feeling.
  • No need to come to bank for withdrawal / deposit.
  • 24x7 Banking
  • First of its kind society that never close and works 24x7 for customer online.

Scan & Pay

  • Scan and pay features for customers through mobile app.
  • Society mobile app substitutes GPAY
  • Customer can pay utlility bills.

Society Banking Easy

Reduction of work load

Pigmy App with Real Time Reconciliation

  • Real time Customer account credit with Pigmy App
  • Real time Print receipts / SMS to customers.

Realtime Data Updation

  • All transaction across all branches are recorded realtime.
  • Realtime generation of balance sheet.
  • Realtime branch advance posting and transfer of funds across branches, customers, banks etc.

Realtime Payments

  • Directly connected to NPCI network through sponsor bank.
  • Realtime inward and outward fund movement through CBS.
  • No need of dependency on cheque or on any other sponser bank window.

Core Banking Software

  • Connecting realtime across all branches.
  • Consolidated or individual branchwise product / Accounts view.
  • Customer can operate their bank account from any branch.

Benefits of Core Banking Software

  • Increase transparency.
  • MD / CEO / GM Single touch view to know Branch wise and Society performance.
  • Branch Dashboard Analysis.
  • Customer Dashboard Analysis.

Revenue to Bank

3x Revenue increase in 2 FY

QR Code

  • Increase deposits and Collection from Merchants real-time. Eg: 1000 Merchants onboarded. Min 2,00,000 X 1000 = 20 Cr Float Money Increase.
  • Can give transaction based loans.
  • Auto deduct loans from income / transaction of QR Code.
  • Loans extended to Auto / Taxi’s easily.

Smart Loan

  • Loans disbursed to saving account.
  • Customer can withdraw using debit card or mobile banking.
  • Hence, bank will have float money in savings account since customer withdraws money as per their needs.
  • Statistics says 20% of Loan amount always remains as float when given via savings account.

Trust from Customer

  • Money safe through Mobile APP
  • Debit card + Mobile Banking = Anytime Banking

Get the trust and recognition you deserve

  • Society gets bank like feeling before public.
  • Society product like FD, RD, Loans etc. are displayed to customers.

Current Account & Salary Account

  • Can onboard current accounts and provide debit card and transfer facilities through mobile banking.
  • Onboard Salary accounts and enable salary transfers across rural areas.

Customer Money Safe

  • NPCI & RBI approved CBS for customer money safety.
  • Encrypted software - data only viewed by the society.