Re-Define Your Banking System!

Introducing Smart Banking Solution

3x Business Growth

Boost your business threefold by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions.

Enhanced Trustworthiness

Achieve a two-thirds reduction in workload by utilizing user-friendly reconciliation tools and advanced software systems.

Significant Work Efficiency

Work reduction through easy recon and advanced software

Optimal Security

Ensure maximum security with Tier 3+ security measures in place.

Seamless Banking

Our comprehensive banking solution offers an array of features that help customers manage their accounts and avail various banking facilities with just a few clicks.

  • Cloud Based
  • Tier 3 Security
  • Realtime Reconciliation
  • Centralized Control
  • Improves Transparency
  • Prevents Malpractices

Evosyz’s Just in Time Debit Cards

Upgrade to the smarter way of banking with Evosyz Technology's Prepaid Debit Cards

  • No huge deposits required by Societies
  • Works like a Debit Card
  • Benefits of a debit card for all the members
  • Debit Card with society Name and Branding

ATM facility with Society branding

Our interoperable ATMs enable universal card usage, allowing anyone to utilize cards from any bank. Utilize our Welcome Screen feature to display your society's branding and foster trust among individuals.

Pigmy Collection App

Put an end to evening reconciliations! Get real-time updates of your balance with SMS and printouts for your customers. Streamline your payments process with PDT and keep your finances in check.

Quick Payments with QR Codes

Leverage our trustworthy and robust QR code technology to effortlessly make deposits through merchants, offer income-based loans to customers, and expand payment options to taxi drivers, auto-rickshaws, and public transportation services.